We have 21 invention patents, 7 new utility patents,Develop 5-10 patented products every year, and put it on the market


Invention Patent

Furnace cleaning agent


Invention Patent

Red gum cleaning agent


Invention Patent

Lead Free Flux


Invention Patent

Circuit board protection paint


Invention Patent

Low volatile rosin flux


Invention Patent

Active flux


Utility Model Patent

An improved electric soldering iron


Utility Model Patent

Electric soldering iron


Utility Model Patent

A homoiothermal welding clamp


Utility Model Patent

A homoiothermal soldering station heater


Utility Model Patent

A homoiothermal soldering station


Utility Model Patent

An electric soldering iron with a wooden handle



There are more than 200 customers(including more than 48 listed enterprises) chose JianXin, we are moving forward to digital


Professional casts quality, science technology create the future

"Guangdong jianxin technology co., LTD." and its subsidiaries, is a nationally recognized manufacturing-type enterprise that obtained the dangerous chemical production qualification!

We specializes in  R and D, production and sales of electronic welding, industrial rust prevention, hardware lubrication, optical cleaning and other precision electronic materials.

Our products have passed the environmental protection tests of RoSH, REACH  and obtained SGS certificate, and some products have passed UL and high-tech product certification,Some products have passed the UL certification and the national high-tech products certification.JianXin has implemented iso9001:2015 quality management system and iso14000:2015 environmental system and obtained the certificates.

After years of efforts, Jianxin technology Co.,LTD has accumulated key technologies,we have a highly technical research and development team and a complete set of experimental testing and analysis equipment.We have established cooperative partnership with many famous enterprises at home and abroad.

At present, We have 28 patented products, including 21 invention patents and 7 utility model patent.We will develop 5-10 patented products and put them on the market every year,In order to meet the customers' new requirements and environmental requirements.

Thanks to the support of more than 300 customers at home and abroad,Our profits have grown by 20-50% a year since 2010,and successfully changed into "Guangdong Jianxin Ttechnology Co., LTD.",in July 2016.winned the honorary title of "Chinese high-tech enterprise", "guangdong private science and technology enterprise", "dongguan private science and technology enterprise", "guangdong famous trademark", "guangdong famous-brand products".

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